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     Project SITE SUPPORT -- Our Mission:
To create a network of school, university, community, and business partnerships to recruit, support, and retain
a new generation of teachers
to meet the diverse learning needs of K-12 children in high-need urban schools...

  Project SITE SUPPORT - Success and Sustainability:    ( Friday, May 22, 2015 )

Since 1999, Project SITE SUPPORT (PSS) has made unmatched contributions to the Baltimore City Public School System by recruiting and developing hundreds of highly qualified teachers who were specially trained to meet the diverse learning needs of students in this challenging urban environment.

This unique partnership of Johns Hopkins University, Morgan State University, University of Maryland Baltimore County, and the Baltimore City Public School System created lasting change that will be experienced by stakeholders for many years.

Through this program funded by the United States Department of Education, PSS teachers were vigorous recruited and academically prepared by the partner universities in Masterís degree certification programs. These teachers were supported in the classroom through extensive mentoring and professional development programs that focused on creating a positive impact on the school culture because of their dispositions, dedication to teaching, content competency, and sincere commitment to the school system. An Electronic Learning Community offered additional support by providing university faculty, teachers, mentors, and supervisors with a virtual; space to engage in collegial discussions, mentoring, and access to a wealth of resources.

Currently, more than ten percent of the teachers in the Baltimore City Public School System are products of the PSS program. Each year, many PSS teachers followed in the footsteps of their mentors and became emerging teacher-leaders in their schools. As federal funding is phased out in 2004, each university partner continues to search for and implement innovative ways to sustain the lessons learned in order to maintain this exceptional alternative route to a career in teaching.

     University Contacts
Johns Hopkins, Morgan State, and UMBC


Johns Hopkins University
Department of Teacher Preparation

Morgan State University
Department of Teacher Education and Professional Development
Dr. Iola Smith, Chairperson
410-885-3409 (Ms. Sharon Francis)

University of Maryland Baltimore County STEM Project: A Preservice Teacher Training Program
Center for Excellence in Science,
Engineering, Technology and Math Education
Shirley Zongker, Coordinator

You may also receive information about teaching opportunities in the Baltimore City Public School System by viewing their web page at

SITE SUPPORT is funded in part by
The U.S. Department of Education
through Teacher Quality Enhancement
Grants program, Title II of the Higher Education Amendments of 1998.

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